Pawever Pets Fur Remover Brush Set


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The Fur Remover Brush Set offers an eco-friendly means of fur removal that is both quick and easy – giving you more time to spend with your furry friends!

Reusable and easy-to-use means of fur removal
Equipped with two brush sizes – large and travel size
Perfect for use on clothing, furniture, carpet, car seats, linens and more!
Compact design – perfect to take with you wherever you go
Amazing self-cleaning base

Do you love your pets, but hate the fur that they leave behind?

With a few quick swipes of the Fur Remover Brush Set, you can enjoy fur-free furniture, clothing and carpets. Equipped with two brush sizes, this amazing tool uses thousands of bristles to effectively collect fur, lint and fuzz. The Fur Remover Brush Set can be cleaned effortlessly using the self-cleaning base – simply dip the brush in, and tip the contents out.