Hunter Norwegian Ranger Dog Harness (Extra Small)




Dog Harness – Hunter Norwegian Harness RangerThe material of the RANGER Norwegian Dog Harness is particularly durable and easy to clean, making it ideal for sports activities with your dog. Reflective elements on the straps increase both your safety and the safety of your dog. The RANGER Norwegian harness is particularly suitable for enjoying outdoor activities with your dog, whether it be dog sports or having your pet accompany you as you train. Due to its excellent fit, the harness provides perfect control over your dog without restricting freedom of movement or the dog’s wellbeing. The RANGER Norwegian harness has a retractable hand loop on the back strap for you to grab hold of in an emergency. You can adjust the belly straps on the harness so that it fits your dog’s torso perfectly.  The straps made of durable nylon fabric are padded with soft fleece in the chest and shoulder areas, making the RANGER Norwegian dog harness even more comfortable and gentle on fur.Size GuideFor a perfect fit, please measure your dog’s chest ( B ) to get the correct size. 

Refer to our Size Guide for further details on product sizes and measuring your dog. Please note that original postage cost will be deducted from refund amount if incorrect size is chosen.Product FeaturesMade of high-quality nylon material with reflective elements

Chest and shoulder area padded with fleeceAdjustable belly strapFoldable hand loopVelcro attachment for individual patchesTwo velcro inscriptions included, one reflectiveSimple and functional designMade in GermanySizingThere are 5 sizes available:Size XS: For chest sizes ( B ) 35 – 45cm, width – 2.5cm

Size S: For chest sizes ( B ) 39 – 50cm, width – 2.5cm

Size M: For chest sizes ( B ) 49 – 64cm, width – 2.5cm

Size L: For chest sizes ( B ) 59 – 83cm, width – 3.8cm 

Size XL: For chest sizes ( B ) 68 – 97cm, width – 3.8cm

Measuring GuideThe easiest method of measuring the chest circumference ( B ) of your dog is by using a flexible measuring tape placed directly behind the front legs at the broadest part of the chest. The tape should be fairly tight without actually restricting the dog.

The correct harness size is determined by taking into account both the circumference of the chest and the neck ( A ). All harnesses from our range are adjustable using the chest strap (e.g. the RANGER PROFESSIONAL harness), most of them however are multi-adjustable and can be optimally adjusted to any body shape to ensure more comfort.

All harnesses from the HUNTER range feature easy handling, an elaborate finish and soft padding.