Home of the Best-Selling Ultimate Dog Car Back Seat Protector… Over 5000 Sold!

Home of the Best-Selling Ultimate Dog Car Back Seat Protector… Over 5000 Sold!


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    Ultimate Dog Car Back Seat Protector


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  • Sale! Height Adjustable Dachshund Dog Ramp | Free Shipping Australia Wide

    Adjustable Dachshund Dog Ramp


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    Solvit by PetSafe Deluxe Telescoping Car Pet Ramp for Dogs (Adjustable 99cm – 182cm)


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  • Sling Guard Luxury Dog Car Seat Cover/ Reversible Car Hammock


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  • Petscene Folding Dog Ramp Stairs Steps /w Artificial Grass for Car SUV - Ultimate Dog Gear.jpg

    Petscene Folding Dog Ramp Stairs Steps with Artificial Grass for Car SUV


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  • Adjustable Pet Car Vehicle Seat Belt Safety Seatbelt Harness Leash Lead Dog Cat - Ultimate Dog Gear.jpg

    Adjustable Pet Car Vehicle Seat Belt Safety Seatbelt Harness Leash Lead Dog Cat


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    See Out Safe Car Booster Seat For Dogs


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    Ultimate Dog Car Cushion Booster Seat


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Here at Ultimate Dog Gear, we love to go on adventures with our pooches, and offer a range of premium products to make sure your dog is decked out in the coolest gear to make adventuring fun and safe!

Check out our dog car seat protectors to ensure your ride doesn’t get ruined by sand and dirt.

Check out our dog harnesses to ensure that Fido is always safe in the car on those short and long road trips!

Check out our travel accessories to make life on the go easier and organised – foldable water bowls, travel mats, and other awesome ideas.

For yourself and your best friend, or as gifts, we have something for everyone. Whether you have 40kg of Great Dane, or 5kgs of miniature dachshund, we want to make sure you and your dog’s life is filled with super stylish, fun adventures.

The adventures start here…



I’m so glad to have found the Ultimate Dog Gear Car Seat cover, as now we take our German Shepherd with us all the time in the car on weekends, and we don’t have to worry about the leather getting scratched. I wish we’d done it sooner!


Modbury, SA

We love our new harness that fits our Malamut perfectly, it’s great to know that its comfortable for her, as well as keeping her safe in the car, and it clips straight into the seatbelt easily. 

Thanks guys!  And super quick delivery too! 


Bondi, NSW

We put off getting a hammock for the back of the car, as we thought it would be too fiddly, but once it is in, it is so easy to keep clean, and out dog loves being on the backseat rather than the boot of the car.

Its made a huge difference to how we spend out time with the dogs on the weekends, out exploring new beaches and parks!


Brighton, VIC


Our Dog Car Seat Covers – A Must Have For All Dog Owners!


Ultimate Dog Car Seat Covers are:

  • Effective in protecting your car from hair, sand, mud and scratches
  • Durable
  • Adjustable
  • Easy to install in under 2 minutes
  • Easy to remove and clean
  • Made to fit any size vehicle
  • Machine washable
  • Compatible with dog car harnesses or travelling with a passenger

Our dog car seat covers are made to protect your car seats, whilst allowing your furry friend to travel in comfort and safety.

Contain pet hair, sand and dirty, muddy paws, whilst protecting your upholstery and keeping your seats like new. 

It is versatile and will adjust to fit cars of all makes and models. Our covers perform perfectly on seats upholstered in all materials whether it be leather, velour or vinyl. The non-slip backing, combined with the anchor toggles, ensure your cover won’t slide and slip while in transit.

Each dog car seat cover also has appropriate holes for seat belts so if you wish to clip your dog in, or still use the seat, the cover will still function exactly as the manufacturer intended. 

    Should You Invest In A Dog Car Seat Cover?

    Travelling with special furry friend can be a fantastic experience, however your best friend will somehow always manage to bring the outside in.  Dirt, hair and whatever else they manage to find always seems to end up in the car…. Arrrrrrrgh!!!!

    Sounds like you need a dog car seat cover… but deciding on the right cover for your dog needs a little research. Who has the time to do that!?  We have selected the most premium and versatile product on the market – fantastic covers to take the hassle out of this decision.

    We have considered many criteria when choosing the products we sell.

    Durability and Longevity – All of our seat covers are made from durable fabrics designed to endure dogs claws and scratching, especially when your dog is entering and leaving our vehicle.  Straps, zips and Velcro are all manufactured from high quality nylon that is UV resistant and strong.

    Super Clean – Do you need to keep clouds of dog hair at bay? Our hammock design does this perfectly.  Once you have managed to stop the spread of your four-legged friend’s hair throughout the whole car, our covers are so easy to remove and shake out it will be like there is no hair at all. If you prefer leaving your cover in its place, the hammock is simple and easy to vacuum out too.

    Functional Design – The functional designs of our covers allow for great user experience. They are easy to install in just a few minutes with a handful of clips.  Side panels zip up and down to protect your door panels and seats. This semi-enclosed design eliminates dog hair falling into foot wells and cracks keeping your car and seats in tip-top condition. They is also an opening for seats belts to secure your dog with a dog car seat harness. The hammock design also stop your dog from exploring the whole car with high sides.

    Fits Multiple Dogs Safely – The functional design permits you to clip up to 3 dogs in safely and securely within the hammock, with in-built clips and seat belt holes.

    Water Resistant – We know dogs have an uncanny ability to find water and mud, therefore all covers are made from water resistant fabrics.  You can be sure that water and mud will stay in the cover and keep your cars interior safe and clean. With no need to worry anymore, you can let your dog have the fun he or she deserves in the mud and water knowing your car will stay clean regardless.


    Some FAQs

    Covers aren’t just covers – Our dog car seat covers are made from highly durable materials and quality fixtures. Cheap covers may appear the same however may disappoint – buy quality the first time. 

    Dog Car Seat Covers Australia – We are the preferred supplier of dog hammocks and seat covers around Australia.  We have supplied covers to Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Brisbane, Sydney, Hobart and Melbourne.  We can also supply to you if you are located regionally as well… and all orders are shipped FREE, regardless of your order size. 

    Dog Car Seat Covers Prices – Seat covers can be purchased for a range of prices. We offer free shipping on all of our premium products with no minimum order amount.  Don’t be fooled by cheap alternatives that are made from poor materials. Also be aware that some cheaper alternatives will sting you with large shipping costs and not ship from Australian Warehouses.  We offer our products at the best prices all the time and with free shipping, anywhere within Australia.